The CIO Perspective

In the Allocator Series, Alan Dunne speaks with leading allocators and Chief Investment Officers from around the world to get their perspective on the challenge of asset allocation, manager selection and portfolio construction in a world of heightened macro volatility.   

Elizabeth Burton

CIO, State of Hawaii ERS 

Why manager selection is much more difficult than asset allocation, why asset class classifications may not be that helpful and what to look for when evaluating global macro managers were some of the topics Elizabeth had a unique perspective on.

Sebastien Page

Global Head of Multi-Asset, T. Rowe Price

 Common pitfalls when evaluating hedge fund strategies, how to account for fat tails and tail risk in portfolio construction, the interesting findings in Sebastien's paper "The Myth Of Diversification" and leadership lessons from running high performance investment teams at a $1.6trn asset manager.

Katherine Molnar & Andrew Spellar

CIOs, Fairfax County Retirement Systems  

Why high volatility rather than low volatility strategies may be more attractive, how using futures for leverage can help optimise risk allocations of a portfolio and the benefit of a stable governance structure were some of the many interesting perspectives we discussed.

Ted Seides

Podcaster and Investor, Capital Allocators  

In this episode Alan speaks to fellow podcaster and investor Ted Seides from Capital Allocators podcast about his career from working at the Yale endowment with David Swensen, to betting $1m on the performance of hedge funds with Warren Buffett, to starting and growing the Capital Allocators podcast.

Alan Higgins

CIO Coutts Private Bank 

We delve into where to harvest risk premia in markets, the longer term outlook for inflation, rates and equities and challenges and pitfalls when selecting hedge fund managers.

Phil Huber

CIO Savant Wealth Management

Are we at the cusp of a regime shift for bonds and equities? What to look for when selecting alternative investments. Which strategies might be added to traditional 60-40 portfolios? The challenge of manager selection and how to cultivate a behavioural edge as an allocator.

Chris Schelling

Chief Investment Strategist, Venturi Wealth  

We take a deep dive into investing in alternative investments, how to get better at manager due diligence, overcoming behavioural biases in manager selection and how to add alpha through process and governance. 

Hugo Capel Cure

Co-Head Investments, Rothschild & Co.  

Avoiding having numerous cabins on the same ship, why high Sharpe ratios can be a warning sign and the benefit of being a chef and a critic were some of the many interesting perspectives we discussed.