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Navigating the Next Decade with Kiril Sokoloff

February 2024

Alan Dunne recently interviewed legendary strategist and investor, Kiril Sokoloff, for Top Traders Unplugged.

In a wide ranging interview, they discuss why Kiril believes the bull market in bonds is over and we are now in a secular, multi-year bear market and what that means for asset allocation and global investing.

A key factor underpinning that view is inflation and they discuss the key factors driving the structural shift in the inflation outlook (such as wealth distribution, near shoring, rising defence spending and under investment in resources) and why Kiril still sees parallels between now and the 1970s even with the current disinflation. 

They discuss China's current economic challenges and the reasons why Kiril remains upbeat on the outlook in China and sees opportunities in deep value Chinese stocks. Elsewhere, he is even more bullish on India but pessimistic on Germany. 

They discuss de-dollarization and the the growing trend of central bank selling of US Treasuries. That is a key component in the bullish case for gold but he is also bullish on copper, oil and uranium and sees gold mining stocks as the cheapest asset on the planet.



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