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Why Investors Under-Allocate to Trend Following

March 2024

Alan Dunne, CFA was back on Top Traders Unplugged speaking with Niels Kaastrup-Larsen about global macro developments, asset allocation and allocating to alternative investment strategies.

In this episode they discuss:

  1. The latest global macro developments and review the parallels between current markets and the mid/late 1990s and ask are markets becoming irrationally exuberant?

  2. They review the UBS Global Investment Returns Yearbook and take out some of the key insights about long term asset returns and what they suggest about the outlook for the future.

  3. Given the superior returns of equities over bonds and cash over the long term they discuss why there remains a strong case for adding diversifying strategies to portfolios and discuss some of the reasons why investors seem to under-allocate to these strategies.

  4. They review recent blog posts and papers from AQR Capital Management and Wellington Management on the role of hedge funds in portfolios.

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